A little walk down to Five Mile Point

Posted July 19, 2006 by Susan
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Today, a fact came to my attention that could be part of the reason that the Sea Hag was often seen in the early part of the 19th century, but since then sightings have tapered off. The lighthouse that stands on five mile point is not the original one, but an updated lighthouse (built in 1847). The original lighthouse was much smaller and deemed too faint to protect boats from hitting the coast (in fact a boat did crash into the rocks due to the faintness of the light). Having a much duller light would lead to a significantly creepier atmosphere where one could be much less sure of what one saw in the water. Therefore there are two explanations for the decreased sightings; either the Sea Hag doesn’t exist and the weak light was playing tricks on observers’ eyes (early 19th century eyes that were more prone to believing in the paranormal), or the Sea Hag does exist and is hesitant to show herself in the more illuminated harbor.

I actually went down to Five Mile Point in the harbor today to get a better sense of what it would have been like to be in the city in the time of Robert Henway. A big part of being a historian and folklorist is to get an understanding of the surroundings in which the people you’re studying used to live. The New Haven harbor is a great place to do this because in a lot of ways it hasn’t changed. The lighthouse is new, but in the same location and the area hasn’t been too changed by industry. Looking out into the water, I got a good sense of the opportunities and the peril that lay beyond in the 19th century.


New Page–Warding off the Sea Hag

Posted July 19, 2006 by Susan
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Due to popular demand I have compiled a list of precautions one can take to either avoid or deter the Sea Hag and have posted them in a new page called Warding off the Sea Hag

Other Connecticut Legends

Posted June 13, 2006 by Susan
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I have added a page called Other Connecticut Legends which breifly describes some different Connecticut tales which I have found interesting.

New Sea Hag Variation

Posted June 13, 2006 by Susan
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I have posted a variation of the Sea Hag legend on the Who is the Sea Hag page. It tells a version of the story from the point of view of one of the boat’s shipmates. Enjoy!


The Sea Hag Through Time

Posted May 25, 2006 by Susan
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Today I was doing some online research to examine the Sea Hag’s persistence in recent history, and I came across a mention of Sea Hag on Matt Scott’s WTNH News blog. Apparently a local brewery has named one of its beers after the Sea Hag Legend. It was exciting to see other posts on the site and to share other community members’ experiences with the legend. I am currently working on a new section for my site called The Sea Hag Through Time. This page will explore cultural persistence and mutation of the Sea Hag Legend in New Haven over time. It will examine portrayal of the Sea Hag in various contexts.

Sea Hag Historical Account

Posted May 24, 2006 by Susan
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Today I have posted the first of what I hope to be many historical references to the Sea Hag. It is a journal entry dating circa 1810. Please see the Artifacts Records and References section for more information on this item. I hope to post a more detailed analysis of this item by the week’s end. Enjoy.Sea Hag Account, circa 1810

The History Behind the Legend

Posted May 18, 2006 by Susan
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I have added a page called The History Behind the Legend. This section explores the possibility of the charcters’ real-life existence and draws connections between the legend and historical events. Enjoy.